Established back in 1995, Cambridge Guardians has a wealth of experience, helping over 1000 students to pursue a successful school career in the UK. Cambridge Guardians is fully accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International more

Host Family

Identify suitable host families for pupils and ensure that the child is totally happy with the family; and make any necessary changes.

In Loco Parentis (In Place of Parents)
  • Provide an immediate contact point for the child, the parent, the host family and the school 24 hours a day
  • Obtain a letter of consent from parent to act in loco parentis, e.g. permission to sign a consent form in cases of emergency operations or medical treatment
  • Make appropriate arrangements for medical care
  • Accommodate or arrange accommodation for the pupil at half-term and those week-ends when the school is closed
  • Ensure that arrangements for children to return to their home country on holiday and at the end of term are made, including visa requirements and transport to/from Airport
  • Liaise with the school in order to make arrangements for these holidays
  • Liaise with the school over any special arrangements for shopping, medical treatment etc.

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