Established back in 1995, Cambridge Guardians has a wealth of experience, helping over 1000 students to pursue a successful school career in the UK. Cambridge Guardians is fully accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International more

Our Goal

Sending your children thousands of miles away from home to a foreign country to pursue a good education can be a very painful, worrying and yet worthwhile cause for the future of the child. It is also a huge investment, both financial and personal. No parents can, therefore, give their children more than their total and unconditional love on top of an excellent education.

No matter how good the school you have chosen for your child, however, there still remain many obstacles that children have to overcome on their own, in particular the difficulties of homesickness, the difference in language and culture. For many children, it is often the first time they experience living away from home. This experience is equally hard for parents as many are not ready to let go and naturally worry over the child's welfare.

We recognise that the success of education is based on the partnership between the school and the child's parents. We know it is not always easy, even with today's excellent communication technology, to maintain this essential close contact with the school and children.

It is with these concepts in mind that Cambridge Guardians was established to provide support to parent and child 24 hours a day by someone who understands not only the Eastern and Western cultures, but also the English education system and who is able to communicate effectively in several languages.

Our services are designed to help your child settle down in the new environment by working closely with the school on behalf of the parents, a partnership which ultimately leads to success in the pursuit of the child's academic work.

Because of our knowledge of the education system and our links with local independent schools, we are able to provide help when choosing the right school for your child, based not only on high academic standards but also on the caring atmosphere there.

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