Established back in 1995, Cambridge Guardians has a wealth of experience, helping over 1000 students to pursue a successful school career in the UK. Cambridge Guardians is fully accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International more


Examples of Comments from Parents/Housemasters:
Most pupils who come to know Cambridge Guardians do so as a result of recommendations of Registrars, Housemasters/Housemistresses, parents or past/current pupils themselves.
My husband and I are very grateful for your care over our son Edward since he came to study in Great Britain. You have so promptly and efficiently helped to resolve the recent bullying incident at school and this is greatly appreciated. We both feel that we have definitely made the right decision to choose you as our sons guardian.
Mrs Keung (mother of son, formerly at Wellingborough School)

We are heartily grateful to you for what you have done for our son Wai Kei. Our thanks to you is more than words can say. With very best wishes to you and your family.
Mrs Chu (mother of son, now graduated from Cambridge University)

Thanks so much for your detailed report. It is so helpful for me to know about my sons status especially from all teachers. I am really appreciative of all you have done for our son. Honestly even if I was there, I might not be any better as I am afraid to challenge teachers ability due to my average English and no knowledge of UK schools. My husband, too, is very impressed by what you have done for our son. The encouragement is vital to all parties concerned. Even we get cheered up too. Thanks again for your excellent service.
Mrs Cheng (mother of son who attended Oundle School)

Rebecca Clarke does an excellent job as a guardian. She has a very hands on approach which means that she gets very much involved in the problems and needs of her tutees. She is an ideal partner to work with.
(Housemaster, The Leys School)

Cambridge Guardians offers a service which is intended to be of benefit to families, pupils and their school. In my experience that role has proved invaluable, not only when there have been problems to deal with, but also in the normal day-to-day communication between school and home. To have someone who can attend parents reception, help to arrange accommodation when out of school and just to understand the situation, is of great reassurance.
(Ex-Chaplain and Housemaster, The Leys School)

Couldnt have done without you (Denise Mirandah, Singaporean, pupil at The Perse School, who went on to read Law at Cambridge University.

To our son, you are the light tower. You light the road to a beautiful future for him with your love. No words can express my appreciation to you.
(from a grateful parent)

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